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The Lazy Girl’s Guide to FITNESS – 10 Tips

Let’s face it, not all of us have gym membership. In fact, only a small percentage goes to the gym faithfully. The rest of us? Well, we have a myriad excuses; gym membership is too expensive, our schedules are too full, we hate exercise. Yes, we know it is good for us, but we just never get around to it. Year after year, we make the same old resolutions on fitness, only we never do them. Well, here comes a guide to make all the 2013 fitness goals achievable without ever setting foot in a gym, and without breaking a sweat. OK, maybe a little sweat!

1. Take a Brisk Stroll

Walking is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to become and stay fit. In addition to giving you increased cardiovascular strength, a regular brisk walk can strength leg and tummy muscles, giving you a trim derriere and waist. Other than helping you lose weight, walking will also reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other major illness. Idea here is to keep moving, so move it!

2. Dance, Dance, Dance!

An incredibly fun thing to do. It has the ability to bring out your creative flair, makes you feel younger, increases sociability, rekindles and inspires romance while giving you a fabulous mind and body workout. The plus with dancing is that it tones the entire body rather than concentrating on one specific area as a lot of exercises do.

3. Get Fit Watching TV

If you are a TV junkie don’t worry – there are exercises just for you and me ­čÖé First, you need to invest in a fitness ball to replace your favourite armchair or couch. By siting on the fitness ball, you will strengthen your core muscles and improve your balance. Believe me the number of muscles one needs to use NOT to fall off! Better still use the ball as a seat while reading or working on the computer. For even more benefits try standing, jumping up and down, squatting and even doing some crunches and stretches during commercials.

4. Do The Chores

Chores are for the most part very dull. But they work wonders for your fitness regime because every physical activity helps. The plus is that you will manage to keep an orderly house and still get a workout.

5. Jump Into A Pool

Water might be the best fitness tool yet, especially if overweight or obese. It offers resistance, which tones all major muscles and boosts cardio intensity. It also supports some of your weight, making workouts easier on joints and reducing injury. Although low impact, water exercises tend to burn calories like magic. By simply treading water vigorously, you can burn 11 calories a minute, the same as a 6 mile per hour run. Just stick to the shallow end and try walking, sunning and splashing. It is great fun and you will soon have a body to dive for.

6. Skip It

Rope skipping will reconnect you with your inner child immediately. Especially if you sing rhymes to match your rhythm. Skipping is great for shaping your legs, arms and shoulders. Improves your hand-eye co-ordination. So buy a good rope and get into the swing of things!

7. Exercise In a 9-5 Office

While sitting you can do butt clenches to tone your bum. Every time you are typing an email sit up straight and pull your belly button in, tightening your abs as hard as you can and for as long as you can. Do leg stretches.

8. Play With Kids

Children are naturally very active and as soon as you express an interest in playing with them, you will be in for a workout. You can try playing with a pet.https://sparkfitpro.com/

9. Exercise in Bed

Dear Lazy bones, to tone your triceps, back and upper arms lie on your left side. Grasp your right arm between the elbow and shoulder with your left hand. Pull your right arm back while at the same time creating resistance with your left hand. You can also do stretches, sit ups and crunches.

10. Eat Healthily, drink water

Do not forget the tenets of fitness are exercise and diet. Eat small, regular and balanced meals to keep your body’s metabolism at an optimum.

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